Description of Premium DNS service

Premium DNS service is your entry point to a safe, stable, and fast Domain Name System (DNS). You can make sure that your websites load very quickly, that DNS records propagate immediately, and that your domains are always protected with enterprise-grade security by using this service.

A DNS lookup is often the initial step in a request to a website. The customer will experience a slow lookup if the DNS server is far from them, which will ultimately result in a slower loading page. Your DNS zones are broadcast to all DNS servers worldwide when using anycast servers. Any DNS requests are forwarded to the nearest server, enabling faster page loading and a superior user experience.

Premium DNS also includes DDoS protection and any other additional features. Let’s now explore them.

What does the Premium DNS service include?

Premium DNS is a service with outstanding features. It contributes to the smooth operation of your website. This service provides far more than a free service. So, what can you anticipate from it? It includes the following:

  • Extra DNS zones
  • Extra DNS records (A, PTR, MX, TXT, SPF records, etc.)
  • Improved speed
  • DNS Failover
  • Anycast DNS
  • DDoS Protection
  • DDNS (DynamicDNS)
  • Monitoring 
  • Secondary DNS
  • 24/7 Customer support

These features will all guarantee that your website is managed, fast, and secured.

What is a Free DNS service?

You have a variety of DNS alternatives, and many service providers, like Google, offer Free DNS. These Free DNS are fairly quick and can provide your website’s findings in a matter of seconds.

Because of this, you won’t absolutely need to have a Premium Domain Name System if you are running a website for non-profit or educational purposes rather than for profit, and the Free DNS will work just fine for you.

The functioning of a Free DNS is perfect, and you won’t encounter many issues with it. Because of this, you won’t need to get a Premium DNS service right away for a website that won’t bring in any money for you. But if your site has a considerable volume of traffic, the best solution for you is Premium DNS.


Now you have a better understanding of Premium DNS’s purpose and main features. So what is your next step? To take advantage of that incredible service!

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