Additional security is always welcome and never a waste! We live in a very dangerous cyber world. When you check the number of threats on the Internet and the statistics they produce, enhancing your security makes total sense. So what does it mean to get additional security with a Secondary DNS service? Here you have the answer!

What is a Secondary DNS service?

Secondary DNS is a type of DNS service that allows you to add another name server or a network of multiple name servers to save copies of the zone file that include the DNS records of your domain. These copies can’t be modified. You can set up this extra name server (or name servers) to copy, automatically, the DNS records (A, SOA, NS, MX, PTR, DS, TXT, etc.) from the Primary DNS.

An outstanding Secondary DNS service that is worth your attention!

When you add a Secondary DNS service, you get an extra layer of security for your domain’s DNS service. Just think about it, if the Primary DNS server goes offline or experiences any other issue, the Secondary DNS server can continue to provide DNS resolution for the domain, ensuring that it remains accessible to users. This service opens very good chances for improving your domain’s security and general performance.

More details about Secondary DNS service

Redundancy for your Primary DNS service

Downtime is a constant worry for everybody! The huge benefit of having a Secondary DNS service is the redundancy it brings to your domain’s DNS. You know that different factors can stop your server’s operation, which will translate into downtime and loss of access for clients and money for you.

When you get a Secondary DNS service, you are adding reliable backups, so your domain does not stop operating because of downtime.

Extra PoPs for your domain’s DNS

The addition of more servers gives more points of presence (PoPs) for your domain. That translate into faster DNS resolution.

More robust DNS security

Your Primary DNS service can go down due to different reasons. Criminal attacks are common and disruptive. A Secondary DNS can keep your domain working in case of such an event and give you time to mitigate or stop the attack.

Besides having the Secondary DNS, you can hide your Primary DNS through a simple configuration. This is to keep it away from criminals and their machinations. Only your Secondary DNS (copies) will remain visible, and remember, these copies can’t be modified.

Better overall performance

It is enough to configure your Secondary DNS to start experiencing its benefits. For instance, the regular loads of work for your Primary DNS will relax, and this will help prevent saturations, failures, and slowness in the response time of the DNS queries.

Having more PoPs means a more efficient and quicker DNS resolution process. Your potential clients will nimbly load your domain.


You can truly get additional security with Secondary DNS service and many more benefits! A domain constantly accessible to users will positively impact your image and sales. Give it a try! A reliable backup does not hurt!

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